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Wood Chipping Service Hobart

If you’ve got dead trees and big tree branches lying around in your yard, time to call for an efficient wood chipping service Hobart and surrounds trust. Irwin Clements Tree Service. We do tree chipping service and wood tree mulching service. Tree debris is messy and can take hours to clean up. Our tree chippers make easy work of your tree limbs and branches and turn difficult-to-deal-with garden waste into useful mulch for your garden. Need some tree chippings for your garden but don’t have any tree waste to chip? No problem, we have garden wood chips for sale to the public.

Because we’re into tree removal and tree felling, it’s just natural to get rid of the by-products through wood or tree chipping. The by-products can be used as bark or to fertilise the soil. It’s one way to be environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for wood chips or the best wood chipping service Hobart residents go to, just reach out to us.

Wood Chipping& Sales

Wood Chipping Benefits

Wood chipping is an environmentally sound way to remove and recycle by-products from tree removals and tree felling activities. Here are the benefits of wood chipping for your information.

Wood chipping reduces a huge amount of yard debris and waste without burning. We know the effects of burning on our environment. By repurposing these, we’re helping the environment become greener. That said, wood chips can be used to grow mushrooms! Yes, why not grow your own so you won’t have to buy them anymore? You can also use wood chips as mulch for lining paths, flower beds, soil surfaces, around trees to avoid soil erosion, especially on slopes and in production areas for flowers and vegetables. Wood chips also help tidy up your yard in compliance with your local municipality’s ordinances.

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