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Here at Irwin Clements Tree Service, tree surgery is our specialty and our experts are fully trained in the art of safe tree removal. Servicing across the Greater Hobart area, our team can perform a wide range of tree service in Hobart for clients large and small.

  • Qualified Arborist & Horticulturist

    Qualified Arborist & Horticulturist

    Irwin Clements Tree Service carry industry accreditation and licences for all areas of tree service. From the largest commercial work down to small residential jobs, whether it's pruning, trimming, dead wooding, tree felling or consultancy work, we can supply a certified arborist. We're ready to handle any job – our tree arborist advice is at the cutting edge!

  • Pruning, Lopping & Deadwood Removal

    Pruning, Lopping & Deadwood Removal

    Keeping your trees healthy and safe takes knowledge and experience. The trained professionals in our tree pruning service have years of expertise in the industry. We know how to keep your trees in shape, while promoting their future health. We'll even demystify the process of pruning fruit trees! If you require any tree pruning in Hobart or surrounding areas, contact us as your tree pruner of choice.

  • Dangerous Trees Made Safe

    Dangerous Trees Made Safe

    From removing overhanging branches, to removing entire trees, when it comes to tree surgery the team at Irwin Clements Tree Service can take care of the job with precision and safety. If you have a large old tree on your property that is worrying you, you cannot afford to wait.

  • Stump Removal

    Stump Removal

    Ever tried DIY stump removal before? Then you've probably discovered that tree roots go much deeper and further than you originally thought. Old stumps in your yard can be troublesome and unsightly. We have a range of expert techniques and the right equipment to remove even the most stubborn stump. Let us take care of your tree and stump removal and have your yard looking great in no time. Want a tree removal service you can depend on? Make us your first stop for tree removal in Hobart!

  • Tree Chipping & Sales

    Tree Chipping & Sales

    Tree debri is messy and can take hours to clean up. Our tree chippers make easy work of your tree limbs and branches and turn difficult to deal with garden waste into useful mulch for your garden. Need some tree chippings for your garden but don't have any tree waste to chip? No problem, we also sell to the public.

  • Hedge Trimming

    Hedge Trimming

    A healthy hedge is a good looking hedge, and often one of the first things people notice when visiting your house. Our hedge trimming service is ready to handle any call for hedge trimming in Hobart. All our trimming is done by a skilful hedge trimmer to the highest industry standards, using the best quality equipment. If it is hedge reshaping, hedge reduction or new growth promotion you are seeking from a Hobart hedge trimmer, make an enquiry today.

  • Cable & Bracing

    Cable & Bracing

    Baffled by tree bracing systems? Cable & Bracing involves installing flexible cables or rigid poles to prevent a healthy tree having a structural failure. Use tree cabling and bracing to prolong the existence of a damaged tree and reduce hazards.

  • Emergency & Insurance Work

    Emergency & Insurance Work

    If you need after hours assistance for that emergency tree service or emergency tree removal, we're available and on call all hours. Please visit our Contact page for details.

Our Equipment & Work

  • AvantLoader635
  • Rayco1635TJR
  • Avant745loaderonwhite
  • Bandit990
  • Chipperandloaderontrailers
  • Chipperuncoupled
  • Greenloaderwithlogandtruck
  • Loaderontrailer
  • Oldchipperfenced
  • Treegrowingthruhouse
  • Truckchipperboomlift
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